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The Journal of Caribbean Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy (CESaRE) was developed in 2016 out of a recognized need to modernize and revolutionize the Caribbean's scientific research publishing. There are over 170 Caribbean research publications in the past 5 years falling under the broad field of environmental sciences, found scattered over a large variety of International journals, without a central (Caribbean) location to collate this knowledge. With the global shift towards renewable over traditional energy sources, together with a rise in environmental consciousness, this a perfect opportunity for highlighting such research conducted in the Caribbean. CESaRE will provide a suitable forum to encourage research into renewable energy, as well as the environmental sciences. CESaRE promises to be more than just a collection of articles, but also a forum to disseminate information and bridge the gap between research and implementation, from which Caribbean leaders, relevant industry partners, and authorities can use our Journal for more effective decision making and environmental management.
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A bespoke Podcast Series for the Caribbean!

Our Podcast Series, CESaRE Voices, will bring to you the latest research and interviews from leading academic, NGOs and industry visionaries across the Caribbean. This unique Podcast Series is just another way that CESaRE is opening up access to high-quality research coming out of the region. 


We need you however!


These podcasts come at a heavy cost for our growing but young NGO and we need your support to keep them going! If you would like become a patron of CESaRE, you can easily join our Monthly Donor Club in just a few clicks. If you have a Caribbean based credit card, please join as a Monthly Donor through our Patreon page below.

Listen to our latest Episodes today

Episode 6 Part 2 // Lessons from Sub-Saharan Africa


Can research and data access transform the energy sectors of the Caribbean?


The discussion continues with Dr Rebekah Shirley about the importance of research and access to data while assessing the state of energy reform in the Caribbean.

Episode 6 Part 1 // Lessons from Sub-Saharan Africa


Can the Caribbean adopt renewable energy integration concepts from Sub-Saharan Africa?


Dr Rebekah Shirley converses on the integration of renewable technology and system design in Sub-Sharan Africa to find new ways to look at power infrastructure and creating new pathways in the energy sector growth.

Episode 5 // Policy


How effective are environmental policies in the Caribbean?


Dr Kalim Shaha discusses what policies are and how policies are designed, assessed, implemented as well as the steps needed to be improved in order to serve the community as best possible.

Episode 4 // Knowledge Sharing Among SIDS


How can the Caribbean improve knowledge sharing?


James Ellsmoor, founder of Virtual Island Summit talks about the different ways environmental knowledge is shared throughout the SIDS and discusses the challenges faced.

Episode 3 // Can Electric Cars Revolutionise the Caribbean?


Can electric cars assist the Caribbean in the quest for carbon neutrality?


Malaika Masson, Senior regional energy specialist at IDB discusses the diversification of energy in Jamaica by working with the government, aiming to achieve 30% of renewable energy by 2030 and the challenges of transitioning the fossil-fuel dominated industry to electric vehicles.

Episode 2 // Is Caribbean Academia Doing Enough


Are first-hand interactions the key to receiving the qualifications for the working industry?


Despite the different backgrounds in the science industry, CEO Jason Robinson (SolarBuzz Jamaica), Lisa Ann Fraiser, and Data Scientist Jamie Clery talk about the commonality in the incorporation of direct synergy with the industry and the academic curriculum in order to give students the necessary requirements for jobs in their field of study.

Episode 1 Part 2 // Environmental Economics and Agriculture


Conservation promoting economic development?? Are virtual simulations the future to agricultural production?


Professor Peter Sherman talks about the implications of conservation and tourism working hand in hand to aid in understanding the impacts of coastal degradation will have on the economy. Dr Dale Rankine converses on the use of crop simulation modelling to assess agricultural issues to improve crop quality and quantity in the hope that it can add to economic growth. Nakita Poon Kong discusses her work with Mustique’s coral reef restoration off the coast of the Mustique island.

Episode 1 Part 1 // Climate Change and Renewable Energy in the Caribbean


Is the Caribbean “fit” to fight Climate Change? What does it take to fully transition to a clean energy economy?


Our host Jelani Blake discusses with Professor Michael Taylor on the Caribbean’s fight against climate change through voice amplification in advocacy and navigating through research. Dr Randy Koon Koon viewed the renewable energy potential in the Caribbean and the factors that need to be considered in order to make a full transition.

Stay tuned for more episodes!