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More than a collection of articles

Meet CESaRE. A peer-reviewed academic Journal that promises to be much more.

CESaRE (C-ZAR) Will Change Academic Landscapes In The Caribbean

More than an Academic Journal

Pushing beyond the Conventional

Modern Publishing & Engagement

Connecting Industry & Academic Partners

CESaRE will revitalise Caribbean academic publication and further drive environmental stewardship in the region. Our vision for regional Conferencing, Mobile Apps, International Recognition and Peer-Reviewed Publication will bring much needed change.

Bespoke Academic Journal

Tailored to Caribbean research, including relevant Latin American states that share our diverse environment.

International Recognition

Advancing academic publishing in the Caribbean beyond niche and obscure Journals.

Open Access

Strong ethos of access to peer-reviewed publications without mandatory subscription fees.

Youth Associate Network

Bringing like-minded young professionals together to foster environmental stewardship across the Caribbean.


Ensuring high academic quality through leading researchers across the world with an efficient turnaround of manuscripts.

Research and industry

Connecting NGOs, Corporations and Industry partners with academics to bring the right people to the same table.


Academic Journals


Caribbean Articles




Million Population

Less than 5 Academic Journals currently exist in CESaRE’s Scope of research.


Over 200 publications in Caribbean environmental sciences and sustainability have been published by International Journals in the last 5 years. CESaRE will become a much needed home for cutting-edge research in the region.



Promoting CESaRE will prove an important aspect of the Journal’s survival as we increase readership, credibility, and academic engagement. Understanding the challenges posed, CESaRE will push the marketing of what makes it unique. Our mobile CESaRE Edu App, online Career Portal, Associate Network across the Caribbean, and the CESaRE Podcast will establish our Journal as an innovative academic publication. The Podcast will bring research highlights and interviews from across the Caribbean to any mobile device, and our Associate Network will form a diverse youth partnership from many different countries in the region. The CESaRE Edu App will feature all of these, and many more to bring academic publications to many through modern and engaging features.


Young professionals can join a unique project taking off in the Caribbean! CESaRE Associates will be among the select few that have been chosen as the face of CESaRE across the Caribbean. Members will join a network of over 30 qualified young professionals who are willing to contribute to environmental stewardship within the Caribbean. With CESaRE encompassing a variety of facets in academic publishing, conferencing, and education, Associates will be a vital resource for market research, data collection, as well as the driving force of our tailored and innovative products.