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The Journal of Caribbean Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy (CESaRE) was developed in 2016 out of a recognized need to modernize and revolutionize the Caribbean's scientific research publishing. There are over 170 Caribbean research publications in the past 5 years falling under the broad field of environmental sciences, found scattered over a large variety of International journals, without a central (Caribbean) location to collate this knowledge. With the global shift towards renewable over traditional energy sources, together with a rise in environmental consciousness, this a perfect opportunity for highlighting such research conducted in the Caribbean. CESaRE will provide a suitable forum to encourage research into renewable energy, as well as the environmental sciences. CESaRE promises to be more than just a collection of articles, but also a forum to disseminate information and bridge the gap between research and implementation, from which Caribbean leaders, relevant industry partners, and authorities can use our Journal for more effective decision making and environmental management.
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Looking for previous Issues from the Journal of CESaRE? Use the tabs below to start reading!

Impact Factor

As a young Journal, we and our Editorial Board are working hard to increase CESaRE’s impact within the academic community. Long roads are needed to build readership, credibility and innovation, so thank you for joining our journey! Each of our Issues below presents great research coming out from Caribbean researchers and are versioned to make findings more accessible to you!


The Journal of CESaRE publishes two Issues per annum (Volume) and these happen in April and November of each year with calls for submissions occurring three months prior. However, you can submit your work earlier for consideration in one of these Issues.

Past Issues

Each Volume represents an individual year


The first Issue of 2022 is an Open Issue that features research across a broad range of topics.


The first Issue of 2020 is an Open Issue that features research across a broad range of topics.

The second Issue of 2020 is an Open Issue that features research across a broad range of topics.


The first Issue for 2019 was a special Issue which featured postgraduate student research across a broad range of topics.

The second Issue for 2019 was an Open Issue.


Our Inaugural Issue was launched in September of 2018 where we featured our first academic publication from leading authors