CESaRE Webinars
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Bringing research closer to you!

Welcome to CESaRE’s Webinar Series!


The Journal of Caribbean Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy had our first Webinar for 2019 where we featured leading academics and industry experts across the region. Our second will be on July 18, 2019.

“Big Data and the Caribbean’s Energy Transition”


Our host Martyn Forde interviewed our amazing panel of experts on how big data in the Caribbean’s energy sectors can accelerate the renewable energy transition. Are we are a region collecting enough data? Does a lack of energy data significantly affect renewable integration?


Our Panel will include:


Dr. Legena Henry – Lecturer, UWI Cave HillĀ 
Suzanne Shaw – Co-Founder, Leap Co.
Yekini Wallen-Bryan – CEO, PreeLabs


This Webinar, like all of CESaRE’s projects, is completely free to you! We do encourage contributions of your choice to keep our content coming your way. You can view previous webinars below!

Stay tuned for more Webinars!